BroFab Upgraded Rear Bearings and Hubs (Pair)

BroFab Upgraded Rear Bearings and Hubs (Pair)

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The Toyota Yaris rear hub solution is an economical upgrade for your Miata that pairs well with our front hub solution. The Yaris hub has proven to be every bit as effective if not more so in prevention of cracks and maintains the affordable price point we’ve all come to love.

Attention: ARP wheel studs are on back in stock for the time being, these hubs are drilled to accept standard Miata Knurl of .579”, We’ll continue to offer both ARP and Dfuser grade 10.9 extended studs. Both of these options have been proven effective with Dfuser being the budget option, and the ARP being the slightly stronger option

The Bare Hub kits includes:

  • machined hub pair

  • shim washer bonded to the hubs for easy install

  • HD washer

  • Options of studs

The complete kits includes all of the above plus:

  • SKF Bearings

  • Options for studs

  • Axle Nuts

  • Cir-clips

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