Steering Rack Spacers Miata 90-97
Steering Rack Spacers Miata 90-97
Steering Rack Spacers
Steering Rack Spacers
Steering Rack Spacers
Steering Rack Spacers

Steering Rack Spacers for NA Miata 90-97

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Reduce the bump steer on your lowered Miata's 
It’s no secret that lowered NA Miata will have increased bump-steer condition due to the change in angle of the steering tie-rod. Thus, the range of motion from the suspension travel will induce slight steering angle changes that yield unwanted pulling to one side or side to side while on uneven roads. The result is the increased 'kickback' you are feeling. It is a tendency for the car to steer itself because of suspension travel 

By installing these spacers, the tie-rod is now at a much better resting angle (closer to the factory), and in return supplies more stable handling. Other details like the single slotted hole and the machined grooves are more unique features that ensure the best installation results. The thickness of the spacers is 12mm (about 0.47 in) which is Spec-Miata legal height. 

This helped the car feel much more stable on uneven and bumpy surfaces.  

Comes with everything needed: 

  • 2 x steering-rack spacers 
  • All hardware necessary for installation 

Improve and increase your driver confidence today! 
Note: This kit is meant to be used for (90-97) NA Miata's ONLY, not applicable to (99-05) NB1 or NB2. A wheel alignment will be necessary after installation. 

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