RoadsterSport PPF Brace for NA Miata 94-97
RoadsterSport PPF Brace for NA Miata 94-97

RoadsterSport PPF Brace for NA Miata 94-97

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The RoadsterSport PPF brace is designed to reduce slop in the transmission by bracing the PPF against the rear subframe. This brace also improves traction by reducing wheel hop, a must for boosted applications. These braces are made in the USA from ultra light honeycomb aluminum for maximum strength and powder coated to last a lifetime.

Comes with two spacers to be used for those who do not have the factory bracing on the rear subframe.

Brian's Application Notes: Fits USDM Miata NA8 94-97 or on NA6 Miatas with rear NA8 subframe. Great mod for race cars, but for street cars, notice that you will pick up more gear whine because this item works by taking away much of the isolation effects of the bushings on the factory power plant frame.

The challenge with install of this brace is it is made for a 'perfect' Miata, and just about every Miata these days with 20+ years on them isn't as straight as they used to be, and they have all had the PPF disconnected at one point or another for things like clutch service, etc. so things are not aligned quite as they were from the factory. So in fact, first attempt at test fitting the brace is shows how far off the car is. So on some cars install is easy, but on many cars install requires that you loosen all bolts and also loosen the PPF at both ends and slightly loosen the differetial, get the brace installed loosely, and then slowly snug up all the bolts evenly. You'll end up with a car that is back much closer to how it's supposed to be.

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