RoadsterSport NA/NB Competition Engine Mount - Single

RoadsterSport NA/NB Competition Engine Mount - Single

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Having issues getting third gear when pushing your Miata hard? Might be worn out engine mounts. We also see folks having issues getting their new exhaust install to line up and it usually turns out that one motor mounts is failing and their motor is dropping to one side and taking entire exhaust system along with it.

For years we have sold the genuine Mazda replacement Competition Miata 75 durometer Engine Mounts that are 40% stiffer than stock 55 durometer Miata Engine Mounts. The result is much cleaner shifts and they last longer. We still sell those. BUT Mazda has now raised the price of those mounts by over 200%! That's when we decided to step in and make our own mounts. These RoadsterSport competition engine mounts are just like the Mazda units - - but a fraction of the cost of the Mazda mounts.

For those who must have the Mazda genuine part, we do offer the Mazda units elsewhere on this site. But for everyone else, get the same performance and spend less!

Simple bolt in replacement.
Price here is for ONE mount. These are offered as a PAIR with free shipping elsewhere on our site if you want two.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: In track and autocross use the factory mounts are not stiff enough to prevent driveline twist that will make it hard to shift when trying to shift quickly.If you want something that lasts even longer, see our complete upgraded mounts with urethane bushings but those are MUCH stiffer and will mean more vibrations in the dash, etc. If driving your car daily in the real world these are a perfect upgrade in our experience for crisp shifts.

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