RoadsterSport MX5 NC Miata Front Shock Tower &

RoadsterSport MX5 NC Miata Front Shock Tower 'X' Brace 2006-2015

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One piece is MUCH stiffer than the multi-piece alternatives! LIGHTEST Shock Tower Brace on the market for NC, featuring an ultra stiff internally reinforced aluminum construction in our "X" design for maximum strength. Just 3.5 pounds! Finished with a durable powder coat finish. The aluminum bar possesses high rigidity and resists flex while stiffening up your engine bay for better steering response and less front cowl shake. Most easy way to reduce NVH. This bar for the NC Miata also connects to the firewall.

Made in the USA, carries a lifetime warranty!

Strong AND lighter!
Many times stronger than the multi-piece factory steel brace and yet lighter too! Factory steel shock tower brace: 4.5 lbs
Other aftermarket steel shock tower braces solve the strength issue of the factory brace, but are far too heavy, the lightest of them starting around 8-9 lbs and they go up from there! RoadsterSport aluminum shock tower brace: 3.5 lbs

Does not clear the MP62 Magnusson/Cosworth supercharger, and unlikely to fit most other supercharger or turbocharger setups. Shown below on factory 2.0 engine with coilovers, notice plenty of room for coilover adjustment knobs.



If your NC Miata came with a factory steel shock tower brace this is a nice upgrade designed to include access for adjustment knobs when you add adjustable shocks or coilovers.

INSTALLATION NOTES: Includes hardware needed for install. If your NC Miata did not come with factory shock tower brace note you need to add the Mazda Cowl Mounting Bracket for Shock Tower Brace, our item 60-1238. Install of 60-1238 is a challenge for average DIY owner, typically a mechanic will install the 60-1238 bracket. If your NC Miata already has a stock tower brace then the cowl bracket is factory installed and swapping out just the shock tower brace is very easy, just 30 ft/lbs please on the shock tower nuts, and 15 ft/lbs on the smaller firewall nuts. Use a torque wrench! They cost $20 or less at Harbor Freight, worth the investment if you don't have one.

Report from customer with NC2 with sound tube in the intake is that this brace was able to be installed while retaining the sound tube.

Note that due to small differences between cars, rear cowl bracket position, etc. the brace may not sit perfectly flat until it is bolted down fully. To install, set the brace in position and then lightly install all bolts/nuts that hold the brace to the vehicle and then tighten them down evenly. The brace will snug down to the vehicle and the result will be extremely rigid and strong.

YES, fits with the 2.5L engine, at least when used without plastic engine cover as shown on 2.5 conversion NC below.

Shown here in our own 2.5 converted 2008 Project NC. Note we never recommend the engine cover anyway because thin Mazda wires that run to the ignition coils vibrate against the underside of plastic engine cover and break. It is possible on taller 2.5 motor that plastic engine cover won't clear, but since we don't use or have it we were not able to check clearance to that removeable plastic cover on the taller 2.5 liter engine.

To ensure this brace has enough clearance for 2.5 engine swaps, it may rub the padding/insulation on the underside of the hood. As a result, the padding may leave rub marks on the brace over time, but you can remove that padding from under the hood if you want to avoid that.

YES, fits with OEM sound tube on later NC too!


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