RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97
RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97
RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97
RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97
RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97
RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97

RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97

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Our take on the classic 4 to 1 Miata header! The most bang for your buck, with all the features you need in an all stainless steel header.

Manufactured entirely from 304-stainless steel with thick flanges that will not warp like other stamped or cast flanges. Large 1.7" primaries collecting to a 2.375" OD tube via a smooth 4:1 merge.
Now UPDATED to include TWO O2 sensor bungs: one right after the merge, for your primary O2 sensor, and a second bung further down by the outlet flange which you can use to add an auxiliary wideband sensor, or use it when you go to the dyno for the sensor that's hooked up to the dyno, etc. All without having to weld in an extra bung later.

Includes a flex pipe section after the merge to help isolate vibration and movement between the motor and the rest of the exhaust - a RoadsterSport exclusive!

Manual transmission only. EGR compatible.

Gasket included for the connection to the cat pipe. You re-use your factory gasket for the engine to header connection as that is a metal sheet gasket and not a crush gasket, it is good for the lifetime of the car.

Comes with plugs loosely installed in the oxygen sensor bungs.

Does NOT fit with old hot side supercharger installs.

Note that adding any header results in an increase in the exhaust sound level on your Miata.

Note there is an INTENTIONAL small dent in one of the primary tubes for clearance to the steering rod.

Manual Transmission Only.

CARB NOTICE: Not CARB approved (and therefore legal in California for off road use only). Note that there are states in addition to California that now follow the California model and require CARB compliance, please check the rules of your state before ordering, in some states this setup is legal only for race cars and may never be used on public highway. Sorry, we will not ship these to residents of California.

Brian's Application Notes: Year after year our top choice was the Racing Beat and year after year they ran out of stock because the batches of CAST flanges would be too warped to use and then they would be out of stock for months trying to get a good batch. We got tired of that, customers were tired of that, so we did our own that avoids the use of the problematic cast flanges and otherwise is similar for pipe size and length and all stainless construction. We think it is the best header you can get for the money and as a result our warranty is lifetime, which you will not get on ANY other choice!

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