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Mazda Cup Oil Cooler
Mazda Cup Oil Cooler
Mazda Cup Oil Cooler
Mazda Cup Oil Cooler
Mazda Cup Oil Cooler
Mazda Cup Oil Cooler

Mazda OEM MX-5 NC Cup Oil Cooler Kit

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We got interested in this kit when we talked to some Miata racing friends and learned that the 1st generation of Mazda NC1 MX-5 Cup racecars had this retrofit kit installed on them. The reason behind it was that it provided extra oil cooling capabilities for track and racing use. The kit then became standard on the NC2 revision from 2009 on. If Mazda insisted it was installed on the MX-5 Cup cars and made it standard on 2009+ MX-5's, we feel that's reason enough to install it on the NC1's! Track use or not!

Read the extended description below for the story behind this kit, and why you would need it
Kit is designed to retrofit 2006-2008 NC1 MX-5's with 2009+ NC2 oil cooler components and includes all OEM Mazda genuine parts. Kit includes

  • 2009+ style thermostatic oil cooler
  • Oil filter-to-cooler-to-block adapter w/gasket
  • Two molded coolant hoses
  • Correct through-bolt for oil cooler-body connection
  • Two OEM Mazda coolant hose spring clamps (you reuse two of the four needed)
  • OEM Mazda oil filter (optional)

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