Maruha 2 Way LSD for NA8 and NB Miata

Maruha 2 Way LSD for NA8 and NB Miata

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This will only fit in a 1.8 Differential housing. Will work with any gear ratios. (94-2005, except Mazdaspeed Diffs, need confirmation on fitment on Mazdaspeed). Comes with new bearings.

Maruha clutch type 2-way LSD is one of the most popular items they offer! A true Limited-Slip differential that not only allows you to put power down more efficiently across the inner and outer rear wheels. It also completely transforms your car's behaviour by giving you the utmost control of how much slip angle you desire with merely your right foot. A must-have for any FR-driving enthusiasts that we are as Miata owners!.
there are 3 types of mechanical LSDs: 1WAY, 1.5WAY, 2WAY. Out of these 3 types the 1WAY LSD ‘s corner approach is very good and that’s why it is being referred to as the one for beginners. However, this might lead to some misunderstandings. In the case of 1 WAY the LSD works only when the accelerator is ON. It is said that at the time of braking, before cornering (accelerator is OFF), the LSD’s work is not necessary. We would like to emphasize that this is only valid for FF vehicles and not for FR vehicles like Miata/MX-5.

Which LSD is good for corner approach?
The picture below shows corner approach

Blue line: approach of 1WAY LSD FF vehicle
Green line: approach of 2WAY LSD FR vehicle
We would like you to understand the differences between FF vehicles and FR vehicles.
The basic operation when entering a corner:
a. braking
b. cornering
c. clip point
d. throttle opening
e. Brake-out
Out of these operations in between b and c the throttle is off or at half.
Especially in the case of b even if the throttle is off the LSD works but the understeer occurs. However, this can mainly happen in FF cars.

The difference between FF cars and FR cars
The Miata/MX-5 is an FR car. During steering its nose turns inside. During cornering the operating rear’s LSD effect doesn’t lead to difficult turning. The 2WAY LSD’s benefit is good position control by the throttle work.

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