KONIG HELIOGRAM 17x8.5 4x100 ET45 Matte Bronze *KNURLED BEAD* 2016-2023 · 17X8.5 NEW!

KONIG HELIOGRAM 17x8.5 4x100 ET45 Matte Bronze *KNURLED BEAD* 2016-2023 · 17X8.5 NEW!

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The Konig Heliogram is an all flow formed wheel design from Konig for 2022.

*+45mm Offset

YES, clears factory option Brembo brake caliper.

Takes optional 73mm hub ring available separately on this site.

Motorsport inspired, the Heliogram spoke profile design lends to efficient brake cooling as well as exceptional brake caliper clearance.

With any wheel Konig develops with Flow Forming Technology, the end result is stronger, lighter and offers greater elongation and shock resistance than a traditional cast design.

2016+ MX5 and 2017+ Fiat 124 Brake Clearance Notes:
- Clears standard factory brakes
- Clears optional Brembo caliper
- Clears our 4 and 6 piston caliper upgrades
- Clears Wilwood 12.19" BBK
- StopTech BBK requires 3mm spacer
- Clears our 12.75" Big Rotor Kit for Brembo brakes
- Clears our 12.88" Big Brake Kit with 4 piston or 6 piston caliper
- Clears AP Racing 340mm BBK

Note we STRONGLY recommend our numerous upgraded lug choices with any of our new wheels, stock lugs too short and fat and will scratch these wheels. Unlike the short and fat stock lugs that will result in scratching new wheels, all our replacement lugs have the socket tool bottom on the lug rather than the wheel surface, and are longer for more engagement with stud surface so they also stay tighter.

BREMBO Note: Those with Brembo brakes should not remove the factory dust shield behind the front hubs. Doing so changes the effective offset of the wheels and removes clearance between the wheel and the brake caliper. You must either keep the factory shields in place, or use an aftermarket plate that is same or more thickness like the Verus brake duct kit that we offer on our site, to maintain adequate wheel clearance.

New Miata Wheels Pictures Below Courtesy Customer Jordan Gurrieri

KONIG HELIOGRAM 17x8.5 4x100 ET45 Matte Bronze

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