Konig Dekagram 15x10 4X100 ET25 Bronze
Konig Dekagram 15x10 4X100 ET25 Bronze

Konig Dekagram 15x10 4X100 ET25 Bronze

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The Dekagram is a lightweight, 10-spoke design that is developed with flow forming technology that offers benefits for both track and street use.

*+25mm Offset
* ~14.5 lbs

* 550kg load rating!

Motorsport inspired and intended with this 15x10, the Dekagram's spoke profile design lends to efficient brake cooling as well as exceptional brake caliper clearance.

With any wheel Konig develops with Flow Forming Technology the end result is stronger, lighter, and offers greater elongation and shock resistance than a traditional cast design.

73mm bore, so use our 73/54 hubcentric rings for Miata.

1990-2005 Miata Brake Clearance Notes:
- Clears all factory brakes
- Clears Wilwood 11" BBK
- Clears Stoptech 11" BBK
- Clears our old 11" Version 4 BBK
- Clears our 11.75" Version 5 BBK
- If you have another big brake kit, please contact us to confirm clearance.

Coilovers and lots of work required to install, not plug and play. Extreme 15x10 is intended for use with 245/40, 235/50, 275/35 tires made by Hoosier and the new Nankagn AR1 100TW. Maxxis also makes good 245/40/15 tires. Cap included. Valves and lugs not included.

Always test wheel for adequate clearance to fenders, chassis and suspension components before using these wheels. Failure to do so could result in vehicle damage, loss of control, injury or death. No fender liners to fit 245mm wide tires. Fender flares and/or SERIOUS roll and pull of fenders required.

Brian's Application Notes: Konig applied everything learned from popular Advanti Racing Storm S1 and Konig Dial In, including spoke edges pulled just inside lip to avoid the curb rash which became a common complaint with the Storms, added strength there and to pocketed and ribbed center section so track and autocross racers can have a wheel that better survives curb and dropped wheel abuse. Result is the newest and strongest track and street flow formed Miata 15x10 for the money currently on the market.

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