Konig Countergram 17x8 4x100 +45 Hyper Chrome w/ Machined Lip 2016-2023 · 17X8 CLEARANCE SALE!

Konig Countergram 17x8 4x100 +45 Hyper Chrome w/ Machined Lip 2016-2023 · 17X8 CLEARANCE SALE!

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th flow-forming technology. Available here in Hyper Chrome center w/ mirror machined lip. Konig integrated feedback from their motorsport teams, racers and drivers into the new Countergram. The face was pushed out to allow for as much brake caliper protrusion as well as overall brake diameter near the drop center. This process provides excellent caliper clearance for aftermarket big brake kits and a big 700kg load rating for strength!

Wheels Specs:
*45mm offset
*73.1mm bore
*Weight ~17.42 pounds.

MX5/Fiat 124 Brake Clearance Notes:
YES, clears our Wilwood Big Brake and Caliper Kits - both 4 and 6 piston
Factory Brembo caliper on our 12.75" Big Rotor Kit requires 5mm spacer
Does NOT clear factory Brembo Brakes on factory 11" rotor size.
Does NOT clear StopTech BBK

Brian's APPLICATION NOTES: Flow formed and very nicely finished. ONE CAUTION, it seems Konig is trying to play more like Enkei and included cast aluminum fancy center caps instead of industry standard cheap snap-on plastic caps. The result looks high end compared to plastic caps on wheels of similar cost but BE CAREFUL to do little more than finger tight with the very tiny allen head screws that attach the caps, use a dab of loctite, do NOT apply significant torque to the screws or they will strip out immediately!

Flow Forming Technology involves the application of pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel, while spinning & after it has been casted. This process shares similarities to that found in the forging process in which the aluminum molecules are compressed resulting in a lighter & stronger wheel with greater shock resistance & elongation properties.


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