Goodwin Racing Triple-Pass MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE 42mm Radiator
Goodwin Racing Triple-Pass MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE 42mm Radiator
Goodwin Racing Triple-Pass MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE 42mm Radiator
Goodwin Racing Triple-Pass MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE 42mm Radiator

Goodwin Racing Triple-Pass MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE 42mm Radiator

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The MAXIMUM performance radiator for the MX5. Period. Compared to our 32mm triple pass radiator which is a direct fit, this thicker 42mm version requires trimming of some plastics to make it fit. But for those big power or race builds that need every bit of cooling, this is the answer!

High-demand cars - especially those running turbochargers, as well as racing applications, need every bit of cooling ability you can squeeze into the car. This new 42mm thick version of our triple pass radiator builds on the massive success of our existing 32mm version, increasing the core thickness to the absolute most that can fit in the NC. This radiator still works with the factory fan, mounts to the factory locations, and just requires some trimming of the surrounding plastic. Solves all of the problems that come with a custom multi-pass racing radiator, which come with massive price tags and are not direct-fit; requiring custom brackets, don't fit with factory fans, and so on.

Our Triple-Pass radiator is the first of its kind; a cross-flow, triple-pass configuration using racing radiator technology throughout, designed specifically for the NC, and doesn't have the price tag that comes with "custom". Fits with the factory brackets, fans, and hoses.

- Triple-pass flow design makes the water pass fully from one side to the other through the radiator THREE times instead of ONCE, more efficiently using ALL the frontal area of the radiator and giving the water more time to shed heat.

- Advanced fin and tube technology:
Utilizes CSF's specially-engineered "B-tubes" which are made from thinner and lighter aluminum but are still stronger than conventional 0-shape tubes. The core features louvered fins with a denser packing. More fins per inch than standard cores means more surface area for cooling and thus dramatically higher efficiency.

- 42mm core for maximum cooling ability.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Our original project triple pass radiator for the NC started after I compromised a normally aspirated 2.5 liter motor in my 2006 'Project Blue' during a hot August autocross day despite having a performance all aluminum radiator in the nose at the time. The motor didn't actually fail but got briefly hot enough for piston ring tension to be seriously compromised with resulting loss of peak horsepower measured at 20 percent on the dyno a few days after... OUCH. We ended up rebuilding that motor with high compression pistons and I had learned a lesson on giving an upgraded NC as much cooling as available when any track or autocross use is planned. At about the same time we decided to push our supercharged 2.0 2007 to over 300 hp and found we needed more cooling in that NC than our current selection of radiators could provide. Thus, we learned that for those racing boosted 2.0 and 2.5 and those racing even normally aspirated 2.5 we suggest our 32mm triple pass radiator is a critical insurance policy that saves you money in the long run! Works great in combo with our singular hood vents (which draw even more air through the radiator). We released our 32mm triple pass radiator several years ago and it has been the key to reliability for many at the race track or running boost. Fast forward to today, and these days we are seeing more and more NCs being built to power levels rarely seen a few years ago. Now NCs are being turned out with 400, even 500 hp. Those cars are running turbos to get there, and water cooled turbos in particular shed a massive amount of heat into the cooling system. Thus a need for a radiator even more extreme than our 32mm triple pass arose. This 42mm version takes up the maximum amount of room available in the NC before you have to start cutting and removing metal from the chassis. You only need to trim plastic to fit this radiator. The big 42mm core gives you increased coolant capacity and maximum heat shedding.

This 42mm version has NOT been confirmed to fit with Automatic Transmission.



- The factory radiator hoses will install as-is on this radiator. However, we like to trim 1.25" of length off the driver's side hose on the end that connects to the radiator for perfect fitment.

- Do not try to re-use the factory spring clamps that hold the hoses on the radiator. Those clamps wear out over time, and the nipples on aftermarket radiators can have tiny variations in diameter from the factory ports, so you don't get adequate clamping with the factory spring clamps. We recommend changing those clamps out for worm clamps, which you can get from any auto parts store. This ensures you can tighten the hose down appropriately and have no leaks. You MUST check clearance to condenser, factory condenser installs not real consistent and you want to make sure nothing will rub a hole in the new radiator, bend consendser brackets for clearance as needed.

- May require trimming of surrounding plastics, including radiator fan shroud.

Along with triple pass radiator upgrade we also recommend upgrading your water pump from the factory NC pump to the Ford MOTORCRAFT unit with better fin geometry and construction, part number PW625 available at most auto parts stores. That pump is a good upgrade for all NC's, but will especially help with pushing the coolant through the longer path of the triple pass radiator.

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