Miata Clubman Package &
Miata Clubman Package &
Miata Clubman Package &
Miata Clubman Package &
Miata Clubman Package &
Miata Clubman Package &
Miata Clubman Package &

Miata Clubman Package ('90-'05 Mazda Miata)

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The Clubman Miata Package was designed for the spirited canyon driver or avid track goer, who does not wish to fully cage the car. 


The Clubman Package includes:

X-treme Miata Roll Bar with harness bar and gussets

V2 style Miata Door Bars

Miata Roof Attachment Bar


*All items are coated in Silk Satin Black, please visit our powdercoating page for custom color inquiries:


For shipping rates outside of the U.S., please email to inquire on pricing. 


Products that do not show "in stock" when adding to cart  have a 2-4 week lead time (does not include ship time). You may still place your order to reserve your spot in line, as we do each product in batch quantities. 


X-treme Roll Bar

The X-treme Miata Roll Bar is Zerek Fabrication's strongest and most aggressive looking Miata Roll Bar. Each Miata Roll Bar is crafted to SCCA and NASA specifications. Our Miata Roll Bars give you full interior width while also giving more head clearance for tall drivers. Ultra light weight! With added gussets and harness bar only 38 pounds!


Fits '90-'05 Mazda Miata

Lifetime manufacturer warranty!

FEA tested in Solidworks for strength and safety

SCCA/NASA certified

1.75OD heat treated DOM

Fully CNC cut

Fully TIG welded

Lightest Miata roll bar on the market

Comes with all Grade 8 hardware 

Seat Belt Relocation Tabs included 

Powdercoated finish for extra durability

Largest selection of custom colors & finishes available 

Triangle Dimple Die Gussets add-on option only at Zerek Fab!


Check our Powdercoat page for custom color options 



All Zerek Fabrication Miata Roll Bars will fit NA/NB models, with a soft top or hardtop

When adding a harness bar as an option:

Soft tops with glass window require additional clearance and will receive a bolt-in style harness bar, please select "Yes Glass Window"

All other style tops (e.g. hardtop, soft top with plastic window) will receive a weld-in style harness bar, please select "No Glass Window" option when checking out.



V2 Style Door Bars

Our V2 version door bars are for the spirited canyon driver that doesn't mind sacrificing a little comfort for increased safety, and also for the avid track goer. For those that still daily their track car, or simply do not wish to fully cage it yet, the V2 door bars paired with our roll bar will give you adequate reinforcement on the track. Our roll bar is required for proper installation of our V2 door bars, the rear mounting plate of the door bars share the same point as the front leg of our roll bar. 


Fits '90-'05 Mazda Miata

Backing plates included

Complete set of hardware included

Durable Silk Satin black powdercoat with a 25% gloss level (custom colors are available)



The V2 style door bars work best with aftermarket bucket seats 

For NA (90-97) models - Manual window cranks will have interference when door is closed, cranks can be still used when door is open

For NB (99-05) models - Flat door panel style (NA model door panels) must be used for clearance 



Roof Attachment Bar

Our roof attachment bar is designed to tie in your roll bar to the windshield of the car and will work with both soft tops and hard tops. This provides a solid connection to the windshield frame that reduces cowl shake. Our roof bar can also be used to support bikini style tops from sagging in the center or for an aggressive add- on to your roll bar Our roof support bar is a 100% bolt in product with just a little cutting to the windshield frame and interior trim.This product is not rated for safety, and is purely aesthetic intended for "show purpose" only. 

Fits most roll bars with 1.75 OD tube, with the length from windshield frame to front of roll bar being 26-25.5 inch of space. 


Fits '90-'05 Mazda Miata

CNC tube clamp

CNC cut mounting and backing plates

SFI approved roll bar padding

Durable Silk Satin black powdercoat with a 25% gloss level (custom colors are available)

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