Aluminum Magnetic Drain Plug Set
Aluminum Magnetic Drain Plug Set
Aluminum Magnetic Drain Plug Set
Aluminum Magnetic Drain Plug Set

Chikara Orange Aluminum Magnetic Drain Plug Set (Numbered)

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Limited edition and numbered 30AE Orange 


An alternative that is friendlier to your wallet is the Aluminum Magnetic Drain Plugs series that we offer. Despite this, it maintains the same high standard of quality that our brand is known for. The powerful extended magnet will make it possible to collect more debris, which will help to protect your engine. 


Available in a variety of sizes to meet the requirements of a wide range of domestic and foreign manufacturers: 

M14 x 1.5 – Miata Engine Oil (Mazda, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Audi/VW) 

M18 x 1.5 – Miata Transmission+ Differential (Mazda, Honda) 

M18 x 1.5 drain plug fitment 

Fits 5 and 6-speed transmission drain plugs (NA, NB, NC, ND) 

Fits 6-speed transmission fill plug (NB, NC, ND) Fits all differential plugs both fill and drain 

**Will not fit 5-speed transmission fill plugs 

M14 x 1.5 drain plug fitment for the oil drain 

Fits all Miata's 


Perfect for increasing the longevity of your vehicle! 

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