Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valve black
Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valve
Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valve
 Brake in the car
Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valve

Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valve

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For the Miata owner who wants to avoid an expensive and time-consuming brake job, the Brake Proportioning Valve is the answer. This device can be installed in minutes and will make your Miata brakes more efficient.  

For years we’ve been customizing the be-spoke in-cabin Brake Bias system for our track-focused builds. However, this is typically not a viable option for the vast majority of road users. 

Now, we’ve come up with a more approachable, and easy-to-install Adjustable Brake Proportioning kit for Miata owners! Further enhancing the adjustability of your Miata by biasing your brakes’ front-to-rear proportion. 

 A must-have for those who are looking to fine-tune the characteristics of their braking behavior according to the driver preference, car set-up, course, climate, & weather requirement. 


Comes with everything needed: 

1 x Proportioning valve unit 

1 x Male-Male brake line adaptor fitting 

2 x Male-Female brake line adaptor fittings (for Miata application) 


Have a tough time finding a Miata brake proportioning valve? You can order one from our website!  

Get the most out of your Miata! 

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