Street Bump Stop Kit
Street Bump Stop Kit
Street Bump Stop Kit

5X Racing Street Bump Stop Kit for 1990-1997 Mazda Miata NA/NB

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Looking to take your Mazda Miata racing?  

You will need a set of Gutentight Racing Street Bump Stops! These precision-engineered bump stops deliver 5X the performance of stock units, ensuring that you can make the most of every race. Made from top-quality materials and designed to OEM specifications to enhance your Miata's performance and handling, an excellent addition to your vehicle. For 1990-1997 Mazda Miata's, the factory rubber bump stops may be replaced with these bump stops. They are made from high-density polyurethane for improved durability and performance. 

  • This kit is designed to replace the factory rubber shock bump stops on 1990-1997 Mazda Miata's 
  • Each kit comes with four 46mm (about 1.81 in) "comfort" bump stops, four fender washers - and if applicable - four spacers for certain shock applications, which is enough to replace all bump stops on the vehicle 
  • Our "Street" kit is geared for touring/street use and maximum comfort by utilizing a softer rate foam bump stop. It is best paired with stock spring rates and not recommended for cars lowered by more than a half-inch. 

Custom tune your suspension by way of bump stops 

When the average person thinks about suspension, they think of springs, shocks, and bushings. Bump stops are the "cushion" between the shock body and the shock mount. Without them, the metal shock body would meet the metal shock mount during full shock compression causing damage, and a terrible ride!  

Most people will try and reuse the factory bump stops, but this will not yield optimal handling characteristics because of the now lower and shorter suspension travel plus lower bump stop quality.  
Bump stops can be the "missing link" that you never thought about when it comes to lowering your car or improving the handling and longevity of the stock suspension! Why wait any longer?

Order now and experience the Gutentight Racing difference!

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