Stock Class Autocross Bump Stop Kit

5X Racing Stock Class Autocross Bump Stop Kit for Miata NA/NB

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Stock/Street class SCCA Autocross rules specify the use of stock springs but do allow shock and bump stop changes. However, the bump stops do not engage earlier than on the factory setup.  

Installing these 58mm (about 2.28 in) tall stops is shorter than the factory NA or NB bump stops and can be used to dramatically change handling behavior. They effectively raise the cornering spring rates and balance the car since the bump stop spring rate is now added to the mainsprings rate.   

Different bumps stop stiffness front versus rear can be used to change handling behaviors while keeping your factory springs. 

  • Kit includes: two 58mm (about 2.28 in) RED (soft) bump stops for the front, two 58mm (about 2.28 in) WHITE (medium) bump stops for the rear, four fender washers appropriate to your choice of shock, shock spacers (if needed) for your choice of shock 
  • Bump stops are engineered to be paired with today's most popular shocks! 
  • Consistently outperforms any other material currently available 

To give the suspension greater compliance, we use the finest grade MCU (*micro*-cellular polyurethane) possible. This safely increases the suspension of travel, boosts comfort, and improves your driving experience to the limit.  
Bump stops may be the "missing link" in your suspension system that you didn't expect you needed! You'll be amazed at how effectively these kits run for a fraction of the cost of OEM parts! 

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