Red and White Bump Stop Kit
Red - Soft Bump Stops
 White - Medium Bump Stops

5X Racing NC MX-5 Sport Bump Stop Kit

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Experiencing harsh bottoming out, banging, clanking, or rough ride?  

You might need your bump stops replaced. For a vehicle suspension, you might want to have a soft foam cushion, aka bump stops, to prevent your vehicle from 'crashing' downward into the ground.   

This bump stop is designed to progressively increase force as you continue compressing it and significantly improve handling and performance, making it the perfect choice for serious racers. The softer bump stops in the front allow for a bit more front-end roll and front-end bite, while the medium stiffness bump stops in the rear allow for a little less roll and more "flick-ability."  

Key Features:  

  • Red - Soft Bump Stops in front, White - Medium Bump Stops in the rear  
  • Designed to work with shocks that have a 5/8 in. (15mm) shaft size or smaller  
  • Simple installation takes about an hour  
  • Better handling, more control, and increased stability on the track.  

We use high-quality materials in our stops to add suspension travel and comfort while maximizing grip and performance. Bump stop kits are based on your chosen spring rates, and please use our Mazda Bump Stop Application guide as a reference for the bump stop kits, information regarding them, and our recommendations.  

Eliminate the factory understeer by reconfiguring your MX-5's bump stops!   

Order yours today and experience the difference! 

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