5X Racing Mazda Miata Bronze Shifter Bushings
Bronze Shifter Bushings
Mazda Miata Bronze Shifter Bushings

5X Racing Mazda Miata Bronze Shifter Bushings

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The plastic shift bushing that comes in Miata transmissions from the factory is easily the weakest link, and if you're taking your Miata to the track, this is something that should be addressed before you break it during track use. We essentially solved the "Miata bushing problem" with our aluminum bushing, and while we never found the strength limit of our aluminum bushings in our 5XR Miata racecars, there were those select few out there that needed more in terms of strength for their Miata racecars. This lead us to look into making an even stronger bushing for the hardest of the hardcore!

Bronze is a super tough metal that is used in high stress, high wear automotive applications, such as: springs, bearings, bushings, automobile transmission pilot bearings, fittings, small drive gears, and valve guides. Bronze also has very low metal-on-metal friction characteristics, which makes it a prime candidate for a shifter bushing. Bronze is also a heavy metal, and you'll feel the weight of our bushings when you hold them in your hand! The density of bronze is much higher than that of aluminum. When strength and toughness is of importance in your Miata racecar, you've worn out an aluminum bushing before, you're really hard on your Miata's transmission, or you just simply never want to worry about the OEM plastic bushing breaking, pop one of our bronze shifter bushings in your transmission and slam away!



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