Engine Rebuild Kit for 1991-1993 1.6L Miata NA/NB

5X Racing Front Engine Rebuild Kit for 1991-1993 1.6L Miata NA/NB

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When a Miata starts climbing above the 100K mile mark, you might start seeing some oil seeping from around the front of your engine. Generally, this means the front main seal is leaking oil, which is common. When it comes time to replace your front main seal, it is general practice to "replace it all while you're in there", as the job of replacing these items is not something you want to do multiple times. Replacing these components on the front of your engine can be a daunting task, mostly in finding the right parts for the job with all of the changes throughout the model years spanning 1990-2005. We've put together this kit to take the guess work out of finding the right parts, and source only OEM Genuine Mazda parts for our seals and gaskets, as aftermarket replicas have failed us in the past.

Important Notes:
There are several changes to the front engine components throughout the course of 1990-2005 that dictate what parts should be used. Here is a summary of those changes, be sure to check your engine before ordering if your car was built around these changeover years:

  • 1990 models will have a "shortnose" crank and use a different front main seal. 1990 owners should choose the 1990 Shortnose kit
  • 1994 brought an engine change to the Miata, and with it came new: water pump, accessory drive belts, and valve cover gasket. The water pump is used throughout 2005, but the valve cover gasket changes again in 2001
  • 1997 model years changed the accessory drive belts for the Air Conditioning and Power Steering. This belt us used throughout 2005
  • In 2001, the Miata saw an engine change to VVT. This change brings a new intake cam seal and valve cover gasket

Miata long nose vs short nose crank


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