Adjustable Air Flow Meter Bracket
 Adjustable Air Flow Meter Bracket
 Adjustable Air Flow Meter Bracket
 Adjustable Air Flow Meter Bracket accessories

5X Racing Adjustable Air Flow Meter Bracket for 1.6L Miata

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Rotating the air flow meter allows for the fine tune adjustment needed to achieve optimum air/fuel ratio on a 1.6L Miata. Having your air flow meter professionally adjusted will get it in the "ball park" of where it needs to be for max horsepower, and by rotating the axis of your air flow meter you are able to dial in exactly how lean or rich your fuel mixture will be. At 5X Racing we use an air/fuel ratio meter to get real time air/fuel ratio readings while we are on track, we were not able to get exactly where we needed to be with just a professional afm adjustment. When we were able to rotate the meter, the proper air fuel ratio was easily achieved. This product is a must if you are looking to squeeze every last horsepower out of your 1.6L Mazda Miata engine.

 14-gauge galvanized steel bracket for the SPX 1.6L intake allows you to rotate the AFM for maximum tuning abilities at the track or at the dyno.

  • Fits 1.6 Miata equipped with OEM air flow meter
  • Provides up/down, forwards/backwards, and clockwise/counterclockwise rotation of the air meter
  • Allows you to fine tune your air/fuel ratio at the track for weather conditions and temperature using
  • Designed to work with our 5X Racing SPX Intake or any other straight shot intake that needs to be adjusted
  • Made in the U.S.A!

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