upgraded bronze shifter bushing by 5x racing
upgraded bronze shifter bushing by 5x racing
miata shifter bronze bushing
bronze shifter bushing
bronze shifter bushing
hole bronze shifter bushing
upgraded bronze shifter bushing

5X Racing 2001-2005 6-Speed Mazda Miata Bronze Shifter Bushing

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You've been driving your 6-speed Miata for years now and you're ready to upgrade to something better.  

With our shifter bushings, we've got you covered. We know what it's like to be in the racing game—and we know what it takes to win. So, our shifter bushings are designed to give you a competitive edge over the competition with superior performance and reliability. 

Our newest model of 6-speed bushing comes with a new material: bronze. It's a heavy metal that's found in high-stress, high-wear automotive applications like springs, bearings, bushings, automobile transmission pilot bearings, fittings, small drive gears, and valve guides. Bronze is also very low-friction—so you'll get smooth shifting every time without grinding or chattering while going through the gears. 

You'll feel the weight of our bushings when you hold them in your hand—they're heavy! That means they won't be moving around under normal driving conditions (or during spirited driving). This makes them more durable than other shifter bushings on the market today because they're less likely to break down over time due to excessive wear on their components. 

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