Miata Master Cylinder Brace
Miata Master Cylinder Brace

Miata Master Cylinder Brace

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Give your braking a firm foundation!

This brace bolts into your NA/NB Miata under the hood to prevent the firewall from flexing under braking. With this brace installed, your brake pedal feel improves dramatically!! Makes it much easier to modulate the pedal under hard braking, preventing wheel lockup and promoting shorter stops!!


  • Fits 1990-05 Miatas except for cars with the big double-size brake booster (2001-02 without ABS, 2001-05 Sport non-Mazdaspeed with ABS). If your booster is 3″ thick measured from the firewall, it will fit. 4″ boosters will not.
  • Not compatible with factory shock tower braces, although it is compatible with all Flyin’ Miata braces. Does not fit with the FM Randall Cowl Intake on the 1990-97 cars, but it does fit on the 1999-05. Also, you must have at least 1/4″ of exposed threads above the nuts on your shock bolts.
  • 1990-93 cars with the original front upper mounts cannot fit both this brace and our shock tower brace due to the length of the studs on the upper shock mounts. Also, 1990-91 cars without the rear mounting hole will require a hole to be drilled and some reshaping of the fender with a hammer.

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