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Miata Diffuser &
Miata Diffuser &
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Miata Diffuser &
Miata Diffuser &
Miata Diffuser &

Miata Diffuser '90-05 NA/NB

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We made a diffuser for our own car, a V8 miata built for lap records. We ran the diffuser in CFD and set it to kill.  We gave zero cares for OEM body limitations, as we only wanted the diffuser to work and win championships.

Now it's a well-tested piece that we know performs like a champ.  We were asked repeatedly to make another for sale: We refused. Then we had a tire fail at Daytona. It killed our diffuser. 

Since we had to make a new for ourselves, we've decided to offer them to you as well, but they're a special order item. You will have to make crazy cuts to your rear end, and it takes some fabrication skills to install. Because of this, diffusers are made to order and cannot be returned.

Diffusers measurements

  • Have .25" locating holes along each rib for easy mounting 
  • Optional bolt-in subframe plate.
  • 57" long,  35.5" wide, and 10" tall.  
  • Made from a mixture of 5052, 6061, and 3003 aluminum. 
  • Built-in CFD, tested on track.  

Pay attention to this:
The diffuser mounts to an optional plate as seen in pictures. The plate bolts to the bottom of your subframe and is secured to the diffuser with .25" rod. The rods will be included with the mounting plate.
Trunks will need to be cut, along with the factory tow hooks. They will not fit otherwise. 


This is a very large item. Shipping will be charged when the item is ready to be shipped as it will go by freight. 

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