Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauge Kits

5X Racing Miata Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauge Kits NA/NB

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Our kit is put together using the Auto Meter Dual Gauge A-Pillar mount, and two Auto Meter Phantom series 2 1/16" gauges. The A-Pillar mount is designed to accept 2 1/16" gauges. We chose the more expensive electronic sending unit oil pressure gauge over the mechanical sending unit gauge because it's never a good idea to run an oil line into your drivers compartment. There are many stories of the mechanical oil line connections coming loose at the gauge inside the car and dumping oil into your drivers compartment, which is obviously dangerous! We like the electrical sending unit because it is the safest and best way to monitor the oil pressure.

We've put together several kits to provide you with a few different mounting options for putting a water temp and oil pressure gauge in your Miata. Our kits include everything needed to install a water temperature and oil pressure gauge in your Miata:

  • Mishimoto Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Adapter for oil pressure connection
  • Mishimoto Temperature Sensor Adapter (30mm) for water temperature connection
  • 1 - Auto Meter Phantom 2 1/16" 100-250 Deg F Electronic Water Temp Gauge
  • 1 - Auto Meter Phantom 2 1/`6" 0-100 PSI Electric Oil Pressure Gauge
  • 1 - Auto Meter A-Pillar Gauge Pods for Mazda Miata

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