5X Racing Loud Pedal for Mazda Miata NA/NB

5X Racing Loud Pedal for Mazda Miata NA/NB

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If you don't know what heel-toe downshifting is, it's a technique that involves twisting your foot while braking to tap the gas pedal, which causes the RPM's to spike in an effort to match the engine speed with the wheel speed, ensuring a smooth transition between gears. Have you ever ridden with a driver that just downshifts into gear and the whole car lurches forward? That's what you're trying to avoid with heel-toe downshifting. A perfect heel-toe downshift will not unsettle the car, and is what you hear when you're watching sportscar racing as the cars go into the corner, that "blip" of sound as the engine is revved quickly to match the wheel speed while braking for the corner.

Make Heel-Toe downshifts with ease using our aluminum add on pedal extension that bolts onto your original accelerator pedal. The concept is simple: a wider pedal makes it easier to blip the throttle during downshifts with your shoes.

Key Features:


  • Lightweight and durable 1/8" aluminum tread plate construction
  • Mounts to existing Miata accelerator pedal
  • Mounting Hardware included
  • Made in the U.S.A!

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